I own a M-series car made by TVR in Blackpool England

TVR have made cars since 1949 but is unknown by almost all people. The main reason is that it is still a small company that even today produces just a couple of thousand cars a year, the earlier production rate was even smaller and the M-series, and derivatives thereof, (1600M, 2500M, 3000M, 3000M Turbo, Taimar, Taimar Turbo, 3000S and 3000S Turbo) was altogether only produced 2165 in total, That is not much for 7 years production! (reservations about the production numbers as even the factory doesn't seem to have the exact production quantity correctly recorded).

All cars made by TVR have followed the same concept: separate chassis made of steel tubing with fully independant suspension and GRP body work. All TVR's are drivers cars where almost no compromises are made for passengers convinience, if a choice have to be made between performance and convinience the choice is always for performance.

Something that characterices TVR's is that they provide very good performance at a very low price, the later Griffith's and Cerbera cars provide performance in par with cars like Ferrari or Lambourgini but at a fraction of the cost.

One important thing to remember is that these cars, (or at least the older ones) are basically hand made and as such it is not possible to expect the same fault free and easy ownership as for a massproduced car, especially the earlier cars like mine can be very special and it is not unusual that some combination of parts fitted to one car was fitted to that car only!

I strongly believe that if you can not do almost all maintenance your self on an older TVR you should stay away and buy yourself another car.

Created on ... december 12, 2000