Pictures of my tube amplifiers

My OTL amplifier with cover.

My OTL amplifier without cover

My OTL amplifier from top, in the front are the 6C33C tubes two for each channel, the two small tubes in the middle is the SRPP coupled 12AX7's and behind those are the 12AU7's that is used as cathode coupled amplifiers. I use two power transformers, one for each channel. The big capacitors in the middle are the filter capacitors for the anode voltage for the 6C33C's.

On top is my Marantz 7 copy preamp, below is the TEAC VRDS-T1 CD drive with D-T1 D/A converter

This is my new DC coupled preamp, my latest project, see:New DC coupled preamp

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Created on ... januari 20, 2001