Chassis and suspension modifications

1993 Changed to Mintex 1144 pads for front brakes

Modified the standard anti roll bar by shortening it and moving the links to front of A arms, this increase stiffness about 3 times compared to the original setting.

Changed to Koni adjustable shock absorbers and polyuretan bushes in all suspension joints.

Changed to 1" front fully adjustable anti roll bar with rose jointed ends, this improved road holding even more and was very useful when I drove on Silverstone that year

Changed to stiffer springs 250 lb/inch front and 300 lb/inch rear

Hard rear springs is good for use on the track as they also contribute to lessen understeer but for road use they are much to hard. I therefore changed to longer but softer 170 lb/inch at rear and to 225 lb/inch at front which seem to be a good compromise, they are still ~30% harder than original.

2008 Long time coming...finally an update
I installed a quick rack this summer, the rack is from Rimmer Brothers and is intended for a Triumph TR6. The rack on the M series is from the Triumph 2000 saloon car and differs from the TR6 rack in that the track rod ends are longer on the Triumph 2000 rack, the difference is about 45mm on each side. In order to use the TR6 rack the track rod ends need to be extended which although it sounds simple is not, to exchange the track rod ends for the one from the 2000 rack doesn't work on the quick rack as it is differs in design. My solution is quite simple, I bought rod bolt extensions that is used for extending the track on road wheels, these extension that consist of a hexagon steel piece with a threaded rod in one end and an inner thread at the other can be found for different threads and is available for 1/2" UNF which is the thread of the rack rod ends, that these extensions are made for use at road wheels ensures that the material is more than strong enough for my new application. The extensions I bough was part of a kit that I found here the kit contain 8 extension studs - 2 wheel spacers most of this is wasted as you only need 2 extension studs for one car but as the cost for the whole kit is only 14 GBP it is affordable anyway. I used lock tight to fix the extensions to the track rod ends and then I installed the complete rack assembly on the car. The extensions do their work and everything feels very tight and safe.

The driving experience with the new rack is quite different from before, the original steering need 4.2 turns from lock to lock while the new one only need 2.5. As expected driving at low speed, especially parking manouvers now need quite a bit of more muscle power but the car is not as nervous as I feared when driving at high speed. At country roads with a lot of bends and curves the effort of installing the new rack really pays off, you can with much more ease manouver the car in safe and quick manner and I believe the man at the MOT station summed it up nicely as he thought the car now hanndled and felt like a go kart.
The total cost for this modification was GBP 175.5 consisting of:
Quick rack 135
mounting kit 26.25
Extension studs 14.25

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Created on ... August 23rd, 2008