Single ended amp with 6C33C

In October 1996 I moved to Japan for what I thought should be a one year contract. I didn't bring my 6146B push pull amp as it was only for use with 220V and big and bulky. While going around in Akihabara in Tokyo I found several companies that sold tube amplifier kits, one of these companies was SanEi that had many kits using tubes like 2A3, 6B4G, 300B, 6BQ5, KT88 and others. I also found one kit that used the famous 6C33C tube in a single ended configuration. I was interested in that tube and I also wanted to try building a SE amp. I bought the kit during the summer 1997 and soon put it together. This amp worked very well and I used until I built my OTL amp. Now I have moved this amp to Sweden where my older brother will use it.

Circuit diagram of 6C33C SE amp
6C33C SE amp, 13W output power, bought as kit from SanEi in Akihabara Tokyo.

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Created on ... december 16, 2000