My name is Hans Beijner.

I was born and raised in Sweden and got a college degree in chemistry. I only worked one year as a laboratory engineer until I found out that was too boring so I started at University graduating as MSEE in electronics. During my university studies I worked as a consultant to a component supplier, helping them with technical questions.

After graduation I started to work in Ericsson as design engineer for radio base stations for cellular systems and in various other RF design projects. In 1990 I was appointed "Senior specialist in radio circuit design" and started to work as mentor for younger design engineers and as technical support for sales.

In 1996 I moved to Japan on what I thought should be a one year contract. After a while I met a girl that agreed to be my wife and I stayed in Japan until November 2004, i.e. more than 8 years. Japan has always been and will always be a very special place for me and I am lucky enough that I still maintain connections to this fantastic country trough my family.

In November 2004 I moved back to Sweden and started a job in Product marketing for WCDMA Radio Access Network at Ericsson providing technical sales support to market units all over the world.

Created on ... December 12, 2000, updated November 21, 2004