The M cars , (and derivatives)

The M series was produced between 1972 - 1979.

The M-series used a new chassis designed by Mike Bigland, the biggest differences compared to the old chassis where that both round and square steel tubing was used. The chassis was also from the beginning designed so that it should be possible to use different engines just by welding in the engine mountings but without making any other changes.

Common for the M-series cars is:

Three different engines where used in various states of tune, the cars where named after the engine used.

3000 S
In 1976 an open car was designed based on the ordinary M-series, with the same chassis and the same engines as 3000M and 3000M Turbo.

During a long time TVR had been criticised for bad access when storing luggage, as the M cars doesn't have a rear hatch all luggage has to be handled through the doors and lifted over the seats. 1977 came the Taimar that was a M type car but with opening hatchback, otherwise these cars are the same as the ordinary M.

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Created on ... december 12, 2000