Jansson temptation

Jansson is a very common Swedish surname, I don't know who the person was that created this dish but it is commonly called Jansson's Frestelse in Swedish, (Jansson's temptation in direct translation). This dish was traditionally and still is in some homes served as a late night supper in the middle of the night after a party, it is very nice to eat something like this before you go back home. Jansson is also served on smörgås board and the traditional Swedish christmas table.



8 - 10 raw potatoes
2 onions
20 filets of anchovy
150 cc double cream
150 cc milk, (mix with cream)
1.5 tablespoons of butter

Start the oven at 225 deg C. Peal potatoes and onions. Cut potatoes lengthwise in small strips, (about 8 mm square. Cut onions in thin slices.
Put one layer of potato strips in a wide low bowl that can stand oven heat, add one layer of onion slices and some of the ansjovies, continue to do this until all potatos, onions and anchovy are used up, the top layer should be potato strips. Put the butter on top in small pieces and pour half of the cream milk mixture on top of everything and put the bowl in the middle of the oven about 45 minutes, pour the rest of the cream milk mixture on top about 10 minutes before the time is up.

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Created on ... december 12, 2000