Gravlax sauce

This sauce is used mostly with gravlax, but it is nice to shrimps and crab also
It is easy to make if you have a mixer, (it is possible without a mixer but it is more difficult and takes longer time)

3 table spoons of coarse mustard
1 table spoon sugar
1/3 teaspoon finely ground white peppar
1 table spoon white wine vinegar
100 cc oil, (corn oil, grapeseed oil or similar, do NOT use olive oil)
100 cc finely chopped dil herb

Put mustard, sugar, white peppar and vinegar in the mixer, start mixer
Add the oil carefully, start by first adding one drop at the time and increase the flow of oil slowly, it is important that the added oil is fully absorbed before more oil is added
When all oil is added, run the mixer for one or two more minutes
Stop the mixer and add the chopped dill, mix and put in a serving bowl.
Serve to gravlax
This sauce keeps for up to a week in the fridge

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Created on ... december 15, 2000