Gravlax is probably together with meatballs one of the most well known swedish dishes. Gravlax is simple to make and real tasty, it is perfect as starter but it can also be grilled slightly and served as a main dish.

Gravlax is simply salmon that is cured in a mix of salt, sugar, peppar and dill for one or two days in the fridge.
100 cc plain sugar
100 cc ordinary salt
1 table spoon coarsely ground black peppar
Stems and leaves of dill herb

Mix Sugar, salt and black peppar by putting in a plastic Zip lock bag and shake it.
Put the sugar,salt,peppar mix on both sides of pieces of raw salmon, the mix should be rubbed into the salmon.
But the salmon pieces back in the plastic bag and but the plastic bag in another plastic bag, (to protect against leakage).
Put the bag in the fridge for 24 - 48 Hours, 24 hours for small pieces of salmon, 48 hours if a whole side or big pieces of salmon is used. Turn the bags over after half the time.
Remove from fridge and remove the salmon pieces from the bag.
Scrape of dill and spice mix from salmon, slice in thin slices.
Serve with Gravlax sauce

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Created on ... december 12, 2000