Pictures of Ford Essex V6 engines

Cosworth modified Ford Essex V6, (Cosworth GAA)
Four valve heads with dual belt driven cams, Dry sump lubrication, steel crankshaft, fuel injection, original block used
Stroked and bored to 3412 cc Power 440 BHP at 8000 rpm
100 of these engines where produced by Cosworth engineering in 1974, they where used in the works Ford Capri's that was raced in saloon car racing

Here are some more pictures of this type engine, this one was sold recently for 10000 USD but then it also had been completely renovated at Cosworth, (you can dream about it anyway...) There is a rumour that there should exist a TVR 3000M with this kind of engine used for hillclimb events in the UK

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Created on ... december 13, 2000
Modified on ... May 24, 2002