Data of my car

Engine Tuned Ford Essex V6 3L
Gearbox Ford Capri type 5, four speed
Diff Triumph TR6 3.45:1
Drive shafts Triumph 2000
Front and rear brakes As original from Triumph TR6, Mintex 1144 pads at front
Shock absorbers Koni red adjustable
Front springs 225 lb/inch
Rear springs 170 lb/inch
Front anti roll bar 1" fully adjustable with rose jointed ends
Steering rack TR6 quick rack with extensions, 2.5 turns lock to lock
Tires Falken ZE 502 205/60R14
Rims Original 14" x 6" T-slot type, renovated and carefully balanced
Front toe 0
Rear toe -1/16" on each side
Front camber -1/2 deg
Rear camber -1/4 deg

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Created on ... december 15, 2000
Modified on ... september 22, 2001
Modified on ... August 23, 2008